Big Sexxy B$ (silent_bryan) wrote in sports_detroit,
Big Sexxy B$

cornerback in Detroit

Who is a better fit. a healthy Ty Law or R.W. McQuarters. I have a personal attatchment to Ty Law, him being a Michigan guy and everthing, but does he bring to much ego?
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Talent: A healthy Ty Law.
Need: Pick a backup corner for insurance. Any corner.

The Reality:

I'd be surprised if Ty Law would sign for cheap. He wouldn't start, most likely. He's not coming here until he rehabs that injury, and it's useless to over-pay and harbor lame ducks (think Magglio Ordonez).
RW is younger and has more upside I think, the Lions have gotten deep on offense but have no depth on defense beyond the line. I am sure they can score this year but I am concerned that every game they play is gonna be a shoot out unless they deepen that defensive secondary and linebacker corps. If ty Law signs here he starts here and cash goes back to the bench. his foot will be ok, it's just a matter of time, so the question is... is Detroit willing to take the time for the better player even though he is older, and may only be around for a 3 more years tops. every other position on that team is so young.
Bly and Bryant are serviceable.

I always thought Law would be a good centerfielder (FS), especially in later years as his football IQ grew.

We need one of those safety nets to go with the Kennedy run-stuffer at SS.
good point, I like the free saftey idea... only disagreement, I dont think bryant has been servicable for a couple of years. The man is a awalking pass interfierance call.
In today's NFL, speed is the need at corner.

Bryant, while felled for considerable games because of injury, still possesses that speed necessary to cover today's WRs.

He's not bright, I'll say. The interference calls are due less to his compensation for speed and more to his lack of awareness.

We already have a cache of multiple corners. Law would be a luxury.
And I love luxury.