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Tiger Stadium...*tear*

Tiger Stadium

   Michael Eberhard



a place where men play a child’s game,

where they have played since 1912,

its history comes alive

in the sights: the green grass, the red dirt, and the old style uniforms;

in the smells: the sausage, the popcorn and the beer;

in the sounds: the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd;

in the feelings: slow and peaceful, happy and sad;

because we grew up there, we can visit our own history there.


a place where men play a child’s game,

where these men become mythical gods to the small fan,

the little ones who pretend to be them:

throwing flames, flying round the bases, hitting monstrous shots;

they wear their favorite’s same number, play the same position,

and mimic the same stance in the box;

the little ones are consumed by the spirit of the game;

they are their hero, in victory and defeat.


a place where men play a child’s game,

where white men, black men, men of all color and creed

bond as a team and rally to victory;

common ground is found on this playground;

the Gater beats Boston twice in one day;

Lolich beats Gibson in game seven;

and these men, that play a child’s game,

win rings, unite people and heal cities.


a place where men play a child’s game,

where father’s take their sons

teaching them the rules and how to keep score

telling of when they were young,

enduring cold opening days or basking in the hot summer sun,

sharing time together, man-to-man, dad and boy,

with souvenirs and memories to take home

and a hand to hold along the way.



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